Easy Snacks for Hotel Rooms

Snacks offered in hotels are typically unhealthy and tempting. For a recent hotel stay in Chicago, I brought prepackaged snacks to stave off hunger between meals.  If I come to a meal ravenous, I invariably overeat. It worked! The weekend – our son’s law school graduation – included three celebratory meals and one reception. MyRead more

Protein Bowl Good for Soft Diets or Anytime

It’s hard to consistently eat a lower sugar, heart-healthy diet under regular circumstances. When I learned I would need a soft diet after oral surgery, I envisioned weeks of boring food. Oral surgery, strep throat and some types of cancer treatment can necessitate a diet of soft, bland foods. Yuck. Double yuck for foodies withRead more

Good News About Peanut Butter

Hurray! It turns out peanut butter has been unfairly maligned as a diet buster all these years.😀 Numerous studies have shown that people who eat nuts* are less likely to develop diabetes or heart disease. Rethinking Peanut Butter I first learned about the benefits of peanut butter when I developed gestational diabetes. My registered dietitianRead more

Mediterranean breakfast sandwich, ready for top layer of bread.

DIY Breakfast Sandwiches

Confession: I used to buy the “healthier” frozen breakfast sandwiches, rationalizing they were high protein and lower fat. (I ignored the sky-high sodium and high cost of the sandwiches.) Then I found nifty silicone pans designed to make egg patties the right size for breakfast sandwiches. There was no learning curve – the egg pattiesRead more

Review: Kodiak Crunchy Granola Bars

I picked up a couple of boxes of Kodiak Crunchy Granola Bars before our health-conscious son came to visit during winter break. He’s now back home in Chicago, and I am still buying the bars. No “Protein Taste” I usually skip protein bars – they are overpriced and don’t taste all that great. I’m aRead more

Easy, Healthy Appetizers for New Year’s

  If you are doing a little-last minute scrambling for New Year’s Eve appetizers, I have some ideas. These appetizers are delicious, easy to prepare and blood sugar friendly. Savory Appetizers, Slimmed Down The following links are for moderate- to low- carb appetizers. Unlike most appetizers, they contain no butter, fatty meat, cream cheese orRead more

How Not to Overeat at Holiday Get Togethers

Yes, it’s quite possible to enjoy holiday parties or dinners without going crazy eating too many carb- and fat-laden foods. I know this because I do it. Although people typically gain weight during the holidays, I always maintain. My blood sugar says thanks. Here’s what helps me: Tried and True Tips Every year, registered dietitiansRead more

Three Ingredient Healthy Soup

In the frozen foods aisle at Target, I picked out bags of flavored vegetable medleys and precooked, diced chicken breast.  I then added a carton of reduced sodium chicken broth to my cart. Perfect for a zero work soup. Less than an hour later (including a 20-minute drive home)  I enjoyed a large bowl ofRead more

Weighty Matters Call for Self Acceptance

Mad at yourself because you have a weight problem and high blood sugar? Learning some facts may help. The relationship between Type 2 diabetes and weight is complicated. Consider the following facts: The majority of overweight/obese people do not get Type 2 diabetes – about 30% will. However, 85% of people who have Type 2Read more