Donato’s Lower Carb Pizza

I’m excited about Donato’s lower carb pizza, made with cauliflower crust. It has 30 percent fewer carbs than regular pizza – but it tastes like regular pizza!

I did a stint as a newspaper restaurant critic, so I’m pretty picky about food. This pizza passes my test – it has a crispy/chewy crust that serves as a good base for a bunch of toppings. I noticed  that the cauliflower crust has a diminished yeasty flavor, but it wasn’t a big deal. Put this pizza on the table with other pizzas, and it will disappear like the others.

The other difference was that the cauliflower crust pizza did not hold up as long as a regular crust pizza; it got a bit soggy after about 30-45 minutes. So, it wouldn’t make a good breakfast the next day.
Donato’s rolled out the new pizza crust in January, and offers a variety of gourmet pizzas with the crust. All of them looked very appetizing – and unhealthy.
I chose my usual Very Veggy pizza – which is loaded with fresh vegetables and some olives – and topped it with chicken breast. The pizza seemed more filling with the cauliflower crust.
The cauliflower crust pizza comes in a 10 inch size – probably good for one person, maybe with some leftover slices.

In another week or so, I’ll order another one.


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