I’m Kathy, a wife and mom in Ohio who has prediabetes. I’ve worked as a newspaper feature and medical writer and as a restaurant critic. I also have a master’s degree in community counseling. My goal is to manage my blood sugar without relying on artificial sweeteners  or feeling deprived of “normal” eating.

I have maintained a weight loss of 20 pounds over the past few years (not easy!) and am doing my best to prevent or significantly delay a diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes. So far, so good – it’s been seven years since I was diagnosed with prediabetes, and have long periods of normal blood sugar.

My husband and I are empty nesters who have kids in college and law school. We recently bought a small trailer and are enjoying our new hobby of camping. I also mentor  at-risk youth, re-learn Spanish and take frequent walks with our two dogs 🐶🐶.