All Eyes on Prevention

It sure is easy to cruise along on the Prediabetes Highway, taking frequent detours for food temptations.

Because prediabetes is not really diabetes. Right? And my glucose readings are never atrocious…

Sound familiar?

This week I  received an eye exam from an ophthalmologist. My health insurance “wellness coach” tells me I now need an annual exam for early detection of diabetes-related eye problems.

While my ophthalmologist reported no signs of retinopathy, the “leaking” of blood vessels that can lead to diabetes-related blindness, she did question my need for a very strong new prescription.

I told her I’ve been squinting for a few months now.

My doctor ordered a  new Ha1C test  immediately, saying that my blurred vision could be a sign of uncontrolled blood sugar. (Ha1C gives an average of blood sugar levels over a specified time period.)

But I  was only prediabetic, I reminded her. She said sometimes, prediabetic patients suddenly have a drastic change in blood sugar that causes blurred vision. If that’s the case, a prescription will be  inaccurate once blood sugar is brought down.

The test results showed  my HA1C was the same slightly high number that it was five months ago. My drastic prescription change is here to stay – due to plain old aging 😧.

The takeaway? Prediabetes is no joke, but there’s still time to work on health habits to protect eyesight.


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