Budget Snack: Aldi’s Black Bean Chips and Hummus

I started shopping at my local Aldi a few months ago and discovered what has become my favorite snack – store brand hummus and black bean chips.  I will make a special trip to Aldi just to buy them.

Black bean chips with hummus is no prep, enjoyable and healthy. Lately, I’ve been having the chips and hummus on late summer evenings while watching the HBO series Deadwood. (Suggestion: Don’t watch the no-holds-barred Western on an empty stomach 😯.)

Good Hummus at Aldi’s

Hummus has been popular for many years, and grocery stores carry a variety of brands for those who don’t want to/don’t have time to make hummus from scratch. While I will never turn down hummus of any type, I find some of the prepared versions overly salty and a little too heavy.

Aldi is known for its store brands, which are much cheaper than name brand goods. The store’s Park Street Deli brand hummus comes in flavors that include classic, garlic, spicy and olive.

So far, I’ve tried the classic and garlic versions and really like them. Both are creamy and light textured, with the right balance of chickpeas, tahini, and oil.  The hummus spreads easily, which makes it good to use on wraps as a mayo sub.  A 10 oz. tub costs a budget friendly  $2.59.

The Perks of Bean Chips
About chips…  Since I was diagnosed with prediabetes seven years ago, I’ve become a big fan of bean-based chips. Unlike potato or corn chips, bean-based chips are a good source of both protein and fiber. Protein- and fiber-containing foods are more filling and also help prevent blood sugar spikes, which can later lead to overeating.

Anyone who likes beans will probably really enjoy bean chips; I’ve served them to bean haters and they like them, too.

Until I tried Aldi’s house brand bean chips, I bought  Beanitos bean chips. Beanitos are delicious, gluten free, come in many flavors and are high protein and high fiber. However, some of my favorite stores don’t carry the chips. When I do locate Beanitos, they vary greatly in price: At one popular supermarket they are $4.59 for a five ounce bag,  at another store, $3.50 a bag.

Aldi’s Simply Nature Black Bean Chips have a similar taste to Beanitos, but have a more delicate crunch. I’ve only found a basic black bean chip, but the limited variety doesn’t bother me because they are so good.

As far as price – Simply Nature bean chips cost $2.39 for a six ounce bag.  They are also gluten free. A serving of Simply Nature chips contains 5 grams of protein, 5 grams of fiber and 15 carbs – about the same as Beanitos.

With the cost of groceries so high, I’m happy to find a snack combo that is inexpensive, tasty and healthy. A platter of bean chips, hummus and carrot sticks would make a healthy, budget-friendly appetizer to take to a Labor Day cookout.






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