Cheese Bread is Light on Carbs, Big on Flavor

I’ve  long loved the cheese bread served at Brazilian restaurants but I never thought I could – or should – have it at home.
That changed last month, when I tried Gusto Brazil cheese bread from the frozen food section at Sam’s Club. Verdict: While the bread is not restaurant quality, it is delightful and pretty easy in the carb and calorie department. Each serving (two pieces of bread) has 120 calories, 14 carbs, 1.5 grams saturated fat and no natural or added sugars. 

The bread is simple to bake – just take a few pieces out of the bag, bake for a few minutes, then serve.

Crusty  and Gooey

Brazilian cheese bread, or Pan de Queijo,  is crispy on the outside and has a soft, almost gooey center. It is gluten free and made of cassava flour. In Brazil, the cheese bread is often served with fruit for breakfast; I find it works nicely as a bread substitute alongside a bowl of soup or chili, especially if I want a lower carb bread choice. The cheese bread also would be a good snack or hot appetizer at a holiday get together.

The suggested serving size for Gusto Brazil is two pieces of bread; since the pieces are small, some people might want a third piece.

Butter is unnecessary as the rolls are already plenty moist.

Price and Quantity

Gusto Brazil comes in a 2.3 lb. package that contains about 45 pieces of bread – enough for at least 15 people. The cost is around $15. To find a grocery that carries the brand  close to your home, Google “Gusto Brazil Where to Buy.” Before going to a store, it’s wise to call the store to double check Gusto Brazil  is in stock.

If you can’t find Gusto Brazil in your area and really want to try Brazilian cheese bread, you can look for the brand’s competitor, Brazi Bites, using the same Google search method.  Again, it’s best to double check that a particular store has it in stock.

I have heard the two brands are similar; a few reviewers said the Gusto Brazil brand was a bit better.  I look forward to a future taste test.


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