Cranberry Sauce Trick Cuts Carbs Deliciously

I found a trick that cuts half of the carbs and sugar of cranberry sauce without using artificial sweetener. And I can’t wait to spoon the new and improved sauce on turkey, guilt free, this Thanksgiving.

Usually, cranberry sauce (canned or homemade) contains a huge amount of sugar because cranberries are so tart. How much sugar? A 1/4 cup serving of Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce contains 23 grams of sugar – more than the amount of sugar in two cups of Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes😮.

While I splurge at Thanksgiving, since being diagnosed with prediabetes, I’ve tried to skip the cranberry sauce.

This year is different, because I’ll be serving a cranberry mustard sauce. It’s a “recipe” I tried last month when I roasted a turkey breast. I remember reading the tip in some cookbook – the title escapes me – years ago.

Here’s how to do it.

1. Mix Dijon mustard and canned cranberry sauce (the jelled type) in equal amounts.
2. Refrigerate at least an hour to let flavors meld.

The resulting sauce, which has 1/2 the sugar of regular cranberry sauce, has a complex, sweet and tangy flavor.  I tested the cranberry mustard sauce on my husband and best friend a few weeks ago; they liked it so much, they asked me to sub it for regular cranberry sauce at this year’s Thanksgiving dinner.

I used Ocean Spray canned jelled cranberry sauce and Grey Poupon mustard; I don’t know if other brands – or whole berry Ocean Spray cranberry sauce – would work as well.   Also, I wouldn’t go and tinker with a beloved homemade cranberry sauce without a trial run before Thanksgiving dinner.

Cranberry mustard sauce has a thinner consistency, which makes it easier to spread on turkey. This means a small amount will go a long way – this is very good because the sauce still has a lot of sugar.

Cranberry-mustard sauce should keep in the fridge three or four days, about how long leftover turkey can safely be eaten.

Cranberry mustard sauce would be a good spread for turkey sandwiches. Another idea:  Make rollups using plain or spinach tortillas, sliced turkey, thinly sliced Cheddar and cranberry mustard sauce. Cut on the diagonal for a cute presentation.

Enjoy cranberry sauce with half the sugar!









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