DIY Breakfast Sandwiches

Confession: I used to buy the “healthier” frozen breakfast sandwiches, rationalizing they were high protein and lower fat. (I ignored the sky-high sodium and high cost of the sandwiches.)

Then I found nifty silicone pans designed to make egg patties the right size for breakfast sandwiches. There was no learning curve – the egg patties turned out perfectly the first time. The pans run around $12 for a set of two – well worth the price.

It’s fun to DIY breakfast sandwiches. They taste much better, are healthier and cost less than the store-bought kind. A breakfast sandwich combines protein, carbs and a little fat – a good morning start for a person who has prediabetes.

Make Ahead for an Instant Breakfast

The egg patties can be made ahead and refrigerated for a few days. In the morning, it takes about two minutes to assemble and heat the sandwich.

Make It Your Way

Best of all, DIY sandwiches are easy to customize for specific dietary requirements.

  • Add veggies:  Unlike the frozen store- bought competition, homemade breakfast sandwiches can include fresh veggies. The veggies both boost  nutrition and add volume to the sandwich, making it more filling. (My current favorite: a Mediterranean version with fresh spinach, feta and sun dried tomatoes.)


  • Lower sodium: While frozen store-bought sandwiches are very high in sodium, the homemade version doesn’t have to be. For example, sodium watchers can skip the sausage, use fresh eggs instead of processed egg products and use a lower-sodium cheese such as Swiss or fresh mozzarella.


The calorie and carb count depends on what ingredients are used. I use a bagel thin or sandwich thin, so the sandwich contains about 25 carbs. For fewer carbs, try light English muffins. For more fiber, look for whole wheat versions of the breads.

How to DIY a Breakfast Sandwich

Egg Patties

Spray silicone patty pan and place on cookie sheet. Then, carefully pour egg into indentations. If you want, sprinkle the eggs with herbs or other flavorings. Bake at 350F until eggs are set; check after 12 minutes. Wait a minute, then pop eggs out of pan. Cool, then cover and refrigerate if not using right away.


Layer as follows: bread, reduced-fat sausage patty or vegetarian substitute, egg (or egg white) patty, cheese, vegetables and top with bread.


Wrap breakfast sandwich in paper towel and microwave on “High,” checking it after 45 seconds.

Ingredient Ideas 

Eggs: whole, egg whites, refrigerated egg replacement.

Sausage:  reduced -fat chicken or turkey patties (ideally nitrate free) turkey pepperoni, vegan sausage patties or turkey bacon that has been broken up to fit sandwich.

Cheese: shredded reduced- fat Cheddar, crumbled feta, Swiss, reduced-fat American, reduced-fat Laughing Cow wedge, grated Parmesan, pepper jack.

Veggies: spinach leaves (softened in microwave 10-15 seconds) sautéed onions, roasted mushrooms, roasted bell pepper, sliced fresh tomato (blotted with paper towel,) or sun dried tomato slivers.

Seasonings for egg patties: pepper sauce, Everything But the Bagel Seasoning, smoked paprika, dried or fresh dill, dried or fresh basil.

Enjoy creating custom-made, healthy breakfast sandwiches!





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