Don’t Beat Yourself Up

A funny thing happened at my gym today – Auntie Anne’s Pumpkin Pretzel Bites.

My gym – actually a physical therapy center that patients can later join to work out – is a relaxed, friendly place. The superb staff, no surprise, are fit.

The box of warm pretzels beckoned from the reception desk. The staff members  teased each other as they indulged in a junk food that epitomizes empty calories. They looked a little sheepish as they dug in, too.

I was glad to see them eat. It made me feel kinder about my appetite for stuff that is not what the doctor ordered; I mean,  even exercise specialists don’t always just say “no” to junk.

We folks who have prediabetes  are just humans trying to make better diet and exercise choices. We are not endowed with superhuman willpower and should not be surprised when we find it hard to resist tempting foods.

Rather than get mad at ourselves for giving in, we should keep track of all the many positive actions we take, from shoving the roll basket aside at a restaurant to not taking a “tiny” second sliver of cake at a party. The positive actions will pile up, one after another, giving us a cushion when we veer off course for pumpkin pretzel bites.



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