Garlic oil = Heaven

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Boyajian Garlic Oil is one of my standby ingredients for easy, lower-carb cooking. It’s great to use in roasted vegetables and  as a sauté oil for chicken breast, onions and peppers.

I go through bottles pretty quickly; even at $5.99 for 8 fl. ounces (on sale at World Market; the cheapest price I’ve found) I consider it Boyajian Garlic Oil a bargain because it makes boring food interesting, with  zero added carbs.

I love olive oil and use it daily. It’s considered one of the “good fats,” and is a mainstay of the well-regarded Mediteranean diet. It’s also a frequent ingredient in both diabetes- and heart- friendly recipes.

Olive oil has 140 calories a tablespoon, so I don’t go crazy with the amount. However, when a food contains fat, it digests more slowly, and this smooths out blood sugar spikes and delays hunger. If I’m going to eat a salad, I always eat full fat, rather than low calorie dressing – not only does it taste much better, it’s a lot more filling.

You can always make your own fresh garlic oil but that requires messing with fresh garlic cloves and oil. Sometimes, I need a break from all this unprocessed, from-scratch cooking I do to help my health.

There’s something to be said for a lazy cook!



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