Halloween Battle Plan

The specter of Halloween candy is upon us. Will you moderate or abstain through this treacherous eating holiday?

Some nutrition experts believe it’s OK to moderate, or to eat sweet treats judiciously. A moderator might enjoy very small portions of a treats more  frequently or a larger treat occasionally; the idea is to prevent a sense of deprivation that could trigger binges.

Other experts  advocate complete abstinence from candy and other sugary foods, suggesting that it’s much easier to completely avoid temptation all together.

(You can determine whether you are a natural abstainer or moderator by taking a fun quiz created by Gretchen Rubin, the bestselling author of “Happiness” and other books about productive living.

One of my teens, who recently has dropped a lot of weight, believes he does much better avoiding tempting foods entirely. If he simply says “no” to the first  small serving of candy, he explains, he won’t feel tempted to help himself to seconds.

I’m a moderator, with a dash of self bribery thrown in for good measure. I persuade  myself to make  better choices by rewarding myself with a treat.* Using food as a reward may seem counterproductive for someone who watches their weight, but it helps me maintain a 40 pound weight loss. I’ve tested my blood sugar enough times to know how and when I can indulge without ill effects.

This Halloween I will buy candy at the very last minute. And then I will ignore all of the yummy  mediocre mini candy bars that my husband will pass out to the hordes of tricker treaters.

The minute that trick or treat ends, all of the candy will be taken out of the house – either to the trash or put in the car to be dropped off at the nearby hospice. I then will have dessert – one that is better quality and has fewer carbs  compared with handful(s) of cheap, addictive Halloween candy. A perfect solution? No, but one that works for me.


*Remember, everyone’s situation is unique; create your own eating plan based on what you know about how your blood sugar is affected by various foods.






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