Haunted By Leftover Candy? Donate it


Our neighborhood will be crammed with trick or treaters this Halloween weekend. We always give out lots of candy, secretly hoping for leftovers so that we can eat a piece “now and then”😂.

This year, we resolve to do better! Instead of sneaking leftover mini Snicker’s and tiny Twix bars, we are donating the excess candy to a worthy cause.

Operation Shoebox

Some national organizations, such as Operation Shoebox, send packages to U.S. troops serving abroad. Candy is a popular item year round.

We are going to donate to this organization, based in Belleview, Fla.  It will ease the pain of giving away all those mini Snickers (and Twix)  knowing that they will be enjoyed by a person serving our country.

It’s a simple process to donate to Operation Shoebox: Pack leftover wrapped candy in a box, address it (check the link to Operation Shoebox above) then mail it at the post office. The organization will include the candy as part of a care package for a serviceman/woman stationed outside the United States.

How to Donate Locally
To donate leftover Halloween candy locally, your best bet is to call community groups/departments/shelters to see whether they take donations of wrapped Halloween candy.
Places to try include: Homeless shelters, hospice centers, Ronald McDonald House, local fire and police departments and programs for at-risk youth.

Finally, to stay super local – give the candy to a neighbor who has a teen too old to trick or treat. The teen will love you, and so will your blood sugar.








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