Ho, ho, no – Holiday food gifts


What do Harry and David’s chocolate-drizzled Moose Munch, a pecan pie and a gift box of specialty pasta have in common?

All are recent holiday gifts to prediabetic Yours Truly.

People mean so well when they give food gifts for Christmas and Hannukah. They probably don’t know that some people have health conditions they don’t advertise. And how can you tell them  in a casual conversation?

Hey, I don’t want to put you on the spot but are you getting me a holiday gift of food? Something easy and affordable like a festively packaged  pie,  caramel crunch or imported pasta? I know I don’t know you that well, but I want to warn you I have prediabetes (insert lengthy explanation of condition for emphasis.)

So, if you don’t mind, could you instead get me something low carb or inedible, which will require you to make a special purchase that may be more expensive and certainly make your shopping more complicated?”

I’m not about to assume 1. someone is giving me a present and  2.  that person wants to spend their energy and money catering to 3. my prediabetes, which they don’t understand. I accept all the gifts with a hearty “Thanks! I love it!” (Which is true  if the gift contains sugar.)

I then find a home for the items – people on my gift list whom I know can afford the carbohydrates and sugar. This is regifting at its finest, folks, and since I’m doing it for my health, I don’t feel one bit guilty.








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