How Not to Overeat at Holiday Get Togethers

Yes, it’s quite possible to enjoy holiday parties or dinners without going crazy eating too many carb- and fat-laden foods.

I know this because I do it. Although people typically gain weight during the holidays, I always maintain. My blood sugar says thanks.

Here’s what helps me:

Tried and True Tips

Every year, registered dietitians offer the same advice about holiday eating:

Don’t save up calories during the day for an event – in fact, eat a snack before you go. Never come to a holiday party very hungry.

Go light on alcohol. Alcoholic drinks add a lot of calories and also lower impulse control.

Load your plate with protein and low fat veggies.

If it’s a buffet, survey everything and then take small portions of one or two of your very favorite treats.

My Twist on Standard Advice

I load my plate with protein and vegetables, but I don’t worry if the veggies have butter or sauce (I didn’t gain weight because of butter on veggies LOL.)

Instead of trying to make sure I take the one best treat, I take small servings of everything that looks good. The reason: I know if I feel deprived, I will go off the rails later.

Once I’m ready to eat, I have a system:

First, I eat a few bites of the protein and veggies.
Then I eat a bite or two of the oh-so-bad-but-oh-so-good food.

I continue this pattern until I begin to feel full.  If I feel like going for seconds for splurge foods, I  wait a few minutes. After eating, it takes  20 minutes to feel full and after that pause, I usually don’t want more food.

Because  I am not depriving myself of anything, I have much less of an urge to overdo. I want to be like everyone else, so I am. It really works!

After the Event

Before I go,  I make sure I will have something to look forward to when I get home.  Knowing I will have another source of pleasure after the event reduces my need to overvalue great food.

I hope some or all of these tips are helpful!



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