Jam Happiness – Guilt Free

How did I overlook this heavenly jam?

Crofter’s Organic Premium Fruit Spreads have been produced in Canada since 1991, but I discovered the jars last month, when I returned to leisurely, in-person grocery shopping. I bought a jar of Crofter’s organic blueberry. A week later, with most of the blueberry left, I purchased the organic strawberry. Both flavors tasted of deeply flavored fruit with just a little Fair Trade cane sugar,

Now I’m enjoying great jam again, guilt free.

I’ve avoided jams, jellies and preserves for years because of the high sugar content; high sugar, fat-free foods are quickly absorbed, causing blood sugar spikes.

I heartily dislike most “diet” or reduced sugar products –   to me, they  taste like a consolation prize. However, Crofter’s happens to have  33 percent less sugar than regular jams and jelly  because more sugar would overshadow the deep fruit flavor.
Now, I eat a bit on peanut butter toast and use it to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for my husband, who always has loved regular jam. It has passed his taste test also.

At   $4.69 for a 10 oz. jar, Crofter’s is more expensive than some popular brands of jams and jellies, but we don’t go through a lot; I use just a teaspoon here or there. That teaspoon “costs” only three carbs and 10 calories – to me, not worth counting.
I can’t wait to try the other varieties, which include  apricot, four fruit, Concord grape, Morello cherry, peach, raspberry and pomegranate.






10 calories and 3 carbs.


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