Make a Fun, Fast-Food Meal, Guilt Free


Every few weeks, we enjoy Bell & Evans Breaded Chicken Tenders.The treat satisfies a craving for  fast food at its finest –  crunchy, crispy, salty and effort free.

The chicken tenders are a delicious, fun food – reasonable in calories, high in protein and low in saturated fat. I give them a “9” out of “10,” taking off a point because the sodium content is a bit high.

Why I Bought Frozen Chicken  Tenders

A couple of years ago, on a whim, I grabbed a package of frozen Bell & Evans breaded tenders at my local natural  foods supermarket. I normally don’t buy processed frozen entrees but  I love the Bell & Evans brand; sometimes I splurge on the company’s air-chilled chicken, carried by meat departments at higher end supermarkets.

I figured Bell & Evans would not want to sully its reputation for good chicken, and I was right:  The uncooked chicken tenders, made of whole chicken breast meat with no filler, are superior to the competition. A four-ounce serving has 210 calories, 20 grams of protein, 12 grams of carbs, 1.5 grams of saturated fat and 440 mg of sodium. Cost varies, but figure on $8 for a box that has three servings.

Homemade Fast Food

I first tried the tenders one night when I was tired and wanted to cook an easy dinner. I air fried the tenders; in less than 20 minutes, they were brown, crispy and juicy. To go with the fast food vibe, I served the tenders with my simple, low-carb coleslaw and oven-ready baked frozen fries. The total cost was about $5 a serving, considerably less than a similar meal from a fast food restaurant,

The result: a meal that felt like a big cheat, but wasn’t. The only thing missing was a milkshake😎.

Breaded Chicken Line Expands

Many supermarkets now carry the Bell & Evans frozen breaded chicken line. The company, based in Fredericksburg, PA., makes several versions of breaded chicken, including its original, best-selling chicken nuggets (which recently have become available in a large  “family” size ) and bun-sized chicken patties. The breaded chicken  also comes in a tasty, gluten-free version.

Serving Idea

Try Bell & Evans breaded chicken tenders on a salad of romaine lettuce and chopped veggies. Add low-fat ranch dressing; crumbled turkey bacon and a sprinkle of reduced-fat grated cheese.


*Note: I received no payment or free products for this review.

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