Pandemic Eating 2.0

My slide into a pandemic carb death spiral started so benignly – with homemade whole wheat bread.

In March I started baking  homemade bread out of necessity: The local stores were out of bread and my family likes toast and sandwiches. I’m an experienced bread baker. So, I got to work, with my favorite King Arthur recipe  for 100% whole wheat bread. 

I baked loaves and loaves of that 100% whole wheat bread recipe.

It was triple win: I provided my family with fresh, high-fiber bread with no preservatives. Baking bread is fun and relaxing. Finally, since

I’m not wild about any baked good made of 100% whole wheat flour, I don’t feel the urge to overdo.

The problem started after I expanded my baking into desserts: Banana and chocolate cakes and brownies. Did I mention my daughter, home from college because of the pandemic, is a fabulous baker? Her huge, homemade chocolate chip cookies, cinnamon sweet rolls  and pizza are top quality.

I figured a little dessert – OK, a little more – couldn’t hurt. After all, we are in a crisis and according to a March 17 article in Psychology Today, many, many people are indulging in emotional eating.

Last week after tucking away a couple (a few) pieces of my daughter’s  thick crust, crispy pizza for dinner, I decided what the heck  – I would check my blood sugar two hours after my meal.

Holy cannoli – a sky high number glowed on my blood sugar meter.

Because I can easily glide into prediabetes, I started walking a little more and  cut down on baking the sweet stuff. I’m once again the queen of 100% whole wheat bread – boring, healthy and safe.

For tips on how to manage pandemic stress eating, check out the Psychology Today article. One encouraging tip from the article : “Start fresh, each moment of the day.”

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