Resolved: New Year, More water

Resolved for 2022:  I will drink a LOT more water, and not just for a day, a week or a month.   My reasons: Some studies suggest that increasing water intake may help lower blood sugar and also help with headache management – a double winner for me.

I’m zeroing in on this one behavior change because it’s simple, requires no prescription or special diet and is free. And it’s easy – last time I checked, I don’t have to lace up tennis shoes to go to the fridge and refill a glass.😎
Most resolutions fail. This one, I am determined to keep.

No Magic Bullet

I’m realistic – Just because there’s a bit of research,  I don’t think that drinking much more water every day is magically going to fix my prediabetes and cure my headaches.

As a former medical writer, I view study findings with interest and caution.

Here’s why:  If the findings of a study suggests X  is related to Z, scientists need to conduct more, well designed studies  to see if X will still be related to Z.  Those studies will only take place if the necessary funding is available.

Ideally, researchers will review many studies on the same topic and then draw conclusions from the findings.  That can take a long time to accomplish!

In the meantime, since there’s no medical reason I should limit my water intake, I’m drinking up. I’m hopeful that water will help my high-ish blood sugar levels and/or my headaches – it can’t hurt to try.

Setting Up for Success

To increase my chances of drinking at least 8 glasses of water (or other non caffeinated beverages) a day, I’ve made a plan.

1.  I don’t like the “taste” of plastic bottles, so I’m drinking from a glass, ceramic cup or my stainless steel tumbler.

2. My husband will be my accountability pal; he’s going to frequently ask me if I’m drinking enough water.

3. I’ve inserted a cute habit tracker in my daily planner.

4. After three weeks of increased water – the time it takes to form a new habit – I will reward myself with a cute  mug from Target. (I love cute mugs, but normally resist buying them.)

Do you have any New Year’s resolutions?




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