Save Money on Road Trips with Low Salt Turkey

Road trips can’t be beat – new experiences, people and scenery. However, on a long car trip it’s easy to spend a fortune eating out. Often, those meals aren’t worth the money for those who watch carbs, calories or sodium.

For years, my husband and I have saved a lot of money and eaten more healthfully on road trips by making portable sandwiches for lunch (we stay in places with a mini fridge.)  During our recent vacation to Asheville, N.C. I stopped by the deli counter at a local grocery. The clerk introduced me to Boar’s Head No Sodium Added Oven Roasted Turkey Breast.

“You’ve got to sample this,” the clerk insisted.

He was right: it was the best grocery store deli turkey I’ve eaten – more similar to fresh roasted turkey than to traditional deli turkey.

Great Nutrition Breakdown

The lack of sodium allows the turkey flavor to shine; it doesn’t taste like anything is left out. I really like salty food, but had no desire to add any salt to my sandwich. The roasted turkey has only 55 mg of sodium per two ounce serving; most other lower sodium deli turkey contains at least 350 mg of sodium per serving.

A two ounce serving also contains 70 calories, no carbs, 14 grams of protein and 1 gram fat. In other words, it’s a great find for road trippers who want to save money and eat a healthy lunch.

Boar's Head Turkey
Boar’s Head Turkey

Boar’s Head isn’t cheap, but it’s still a great buy. Consider:  I bought 3/4 of a pound for $10.63 – plenty for four sandwiches. Adding some high quality whole wheat bread, lettuce and condiments brought the price up to less than $4 a sandwich – about half the price of a turkey breast sandwich at a restaurant.

And unless that restaurant is roasting turkeys for sandwiches, I always prefer my DIY turkey sandwich.

A turkey breast sandwich is low-fat, high protein and high fiber. This  kind of lunch allows for more leeway at dinner time. And gosh, in North Carolina that leeway is needed. Barbecue, from- scratch hot biscuits and buttery grits all have a siren call that must  be answered.😎

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