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Retail experts advise early holiday shopping this year because of pandemic related problems in inventory and delivery. Here are a few neat holiday gifts ¬†for health conscious people (including yourself ūüėé) ¬†Note: I have received no compensation by retailers for products listed in this post.

Grosche Bali Water Infuser

Flavored, zero calorie water is very popular right now Рand this fruit infusion pitcher is an elegant, eco-friendly alternative to buying those little plastic bottles.   This tall slim glass pitcher, which is  pretty enough to put on the table, has a stainless steel top with a built in strainer. The idea is to drop lemon or orange slices, blueberries, etc.  into the carafe, then refrigerate for a few hours or overnight. When ready to serve, simply pour the water into glasses Рthe fruit stays in the pitcher.

It’s fun to invent new  flavored waters. Since the pitcher is glass, there’s none of the carryover of flavor that can occur with plastics. $39.99.

Thermoworks Instant Read Thermometer

People who watch their blood sugar often eat a lot of grilled chicken breast, fish and ground turkey burgers – all of which can easily overcook and end up¬†tough and dry. ¬†The foolproof way to get moist, tender meat and fish is to use an instant read thermometer. I purchased one ¬†years ago, and use it several times a week; I even take it camping. One brand that gets consistently excellent ¬†reviews is Thermoworks, which offers instant read thermometer ranging from $35 to $100. ¬†The difference in price is related to how fast the temperature is registered, but the ¬†‚Äúcheaper‚ÄĚ thermometer takes ¬†just a few seconds more than the high end version. (The website first shows the more expensive thermometers, scroll down a bit to find the Thermopop.)

OXO Burr Coffee Grinder

Coffee easily fits into a blood sugar friendly diet; there is even some research that suggests it might lower glucose levels. Lately, we have taken our cup(s) of coffee up a few notches by grinding our own beans. What a difference in taste! A good quality coffee grinder (the conical burr grinder is the gold standard because it produces a uniform grind) is a fun holiday splurge gift. Bed Bath & Beyond carries a basic OXO model, at $104 before coupon. While there are cheaper blade grinders available, this is considered the best, lowest priced of the burr grinders.

Boyajian Garlic Olive Oil

While purists insist that nothing beats fresh, peeled chopped garlic, this flavored olive oil both saves time in food prep and also eliminates the  garlic odor that seems to forever linger on fingers. I also like the oil because I don’t have to worry about fresh garlic burning in a sauté. I have used it for years.

Note: A little  of this oil goes a long way. $7.99.


12 Coffees of Christmas 

Flavored coffee tastes like a splurge, but it’s not. This collection of 12 Coffees of Christmas K cup collection offers fun flavors such as ¬†Donut Shop, Candy Cane, Coconut Blizzard, Christmas Cookie, Eggnog, Gingerbread and French vanilla. $14.99.







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