Steroids, Surgery and Sky High Sugar.

Seemingly out of nowhere, my blood sugar skyrocketed one night last week. It was a terrible mystery as to why.

I’ve learned that a lot of little things can add up to big trouble when it comes to  regulating blood glucose.  Usually, the very highest reading I get is about 160; the night in question, my glucose level shot up to 277.

About 24 hours later,  my blood sugar returned to its normal, prediabetic level. I consulted a nurse, did some reading and have figured out what happened.

A few days before the blood sugar spike, I had had some major oral surgery. Blood sugar typically rises after surgery, and stays elevated for awhile. In fact,  blood sugar often rises when the body experiences ANY kind of severe pain, and I had been in considerable discomfort.

My oral surgeon  had given me oral steroids after I developed a very painful condition known as dry socket. I later found out that steroids are notorious for elevating glucose; I had taken the steroids the day of the high reading.

The night I got the 277 reading, I had eaten a splurge meal consisting of half of a turkey-cheese wrap, a handful of gourmet potato chips and a serving of bean salad. Dessert: a piece of decadent chocolate cake. I don’t usually eat that way; the high carb meal no doubt added to the perfect storm that triggered my hyperglycemia.

I have a stress fracture in my foot, so had not been walking for exercise.

Looking back, I think about what I could have done differently. I could have requested “no steroids unless emergency” on my medical form. I could have dialed down my splurge meal – ditching the chips and leaving half of the cake slice. My reading still might have been elevated, but much less so.

Another thing to do differently – don’t have oral surgery 😅






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