Tiny Steps to Better Health

Has this brutally hot summer sapped your energy and motivation? ¬†You can still work on getting healthier by making tiny changes that require almost no self discipline ūüėÄ Before you begin, make sure you have the right tools. (Nothing fancy!) 1. Sturdy shoes to wear indoors 2. Dental floss 3. A water glass. It takesRead more

Pandemic Eating 2.0

My slide into a pandemic carb death spiral started so benignly Рwith homemade whole wheat bread. In March I started baking  homemade bread out of necessity: The local stores were out of bread and my family likes toast and sandwiches. I’m an experienced bread baker. So, I got to work, with my favorite KingRead more

Back from ‚ÄúVacation‚ÄĚ

I‚Äôve been absent from this blog for a long while, enjoying an unexpected ‚Äúvacation‚ÄĚ from prediabetes. For almost two years, my Ha1C (an average of the body‚Äôs blood sugar levels) was ¬†under 5.7. Any number under 5.7 is considered normal; 5.7 – 6.4 is prediabetes. My worry about high blood sugar – gone. Since myRead more

Halloween Battle Plan

The specter of Halloween candy is upon us. Will you moderate or abstain through this treacherous eating holiday? Some nutrition experts believe it’s OK to moderate, or to eat sweet treats judiciously.¬†A moderator might enjoy very small portions of a treats more ¬†frequently or a larger treat occasionally; the idea is to prevent a senseRead more

All Eyes on Prevention

It sure is easy to cruise along on the Prediabetes Highway, taking frequent detours for food temptations. Because prediabetes is not really¬†diabetes. Right? And my glucose readings are never atrocious… Sound familiar? This week I ¬†received an eye exam from an ophthalmologist. My health insurance “wellness coach” tells me I now need an annual examRead more