The Biscuit Incident

Eating for health or eating for fun? When on the road, meals can turn into a showdown for someone who has prediabetes. For instance, there was that recent Biscuit Incident in Conover, N.C.

On the way to Gatlinburg, my husband and I stopped at a nice hotel for the night. In the morning, I went to the dining area for the complimentary breakfast, expecting  cold food because hot buffets aren’t a good idea during a pandemic.

Immediately, a server came up to me. “Eggs?” she asked. “Fried potatoes and sausage? Biscuits and gravy?” She went to the kitchen to get me my order.
A biscuit in the South is a lovely thing.

I sat down with a plate of scrambled eggs and one square biscuit almost the size of a playing card.

I looked at the biscuit, golden and flaky. I pinched a piece off a corner. It was good (is there really ever a bad biscuit?) but not over the top.

I ate my eggs, and glanced at the biscuit. I went and got a small bowl of tasty, low fat grits for a carb. I finished the grits, and looked at the biscuit. I lifted it – still as big and heavy as it was 10 minutes earlier.

All that shortening, flour and calories at the beginning of the day…I didn’t  eat it.
After all, we still had days of traveling. Somewhere, some meal, a crispy hush puppy had my name on it.











2 thoughts on “The Biscuit Incident

  1. I can’t believe you didn’t eat that biscuit, but I understand about choosing a future hush puppy instead. Those golden fried globes of goodness are my weakness. Still, I probably would have eaten half the biscuit and the hush puppy, too. You’re my hero.

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