Think Small for Big Success

So, how are the New Year’s resolutions going? More importantly, how will they be going next month? In six months?

In the long run, only about eight out of 100 people succeed in keeping their health resolutions, researchers say.

Some goals are easier to keep than others. Consider a New Year’s resolution  to eat a daily cupcake – bet the success rate would be pretty high on that one 😀

I’ve made five small health resolutions; while they don’t include daily cupcake consumption, they will improve my health and, most importantly, I believe I can follow each one, most of the time..

  1. When I can’t  work out, I’ll play music and dance around the house 15 minutes a day. (No one will see me)
  2. Sleep more.  Not only does being well rested feel great, reseachers have recently found that lack of sleep is linked to weight gain, which worsens  high blood sugar.
  3. Eat nuts every day.  Nuts are filling, contain the good kind of fat and don’t jack up blood sugar.  The individual snack packs make portion control much easier.
  4. Each week, buy one new-to-me product from the grocery store that just happens to be  low carb. This week I am trying lemon- flavored green tea; also on the list are unusual spices,  vegetables, mustards, fresh olives, cheeses and coffees.
  5. Drink two glasses of water every time I eat (easier to keep track that way.)


What are some easy resolutions you want to make?

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