When sugar free isn’t

Gripe: Having to be a sugar vigilante. When ordering beverages out, I always double check to make sure my sugar-free drink is truly sugar free. I feel frustrated.

So do others.  Posters on the message board of  www.diabetesdaily.com complain that their orders for a sugar free beverage are messed up so often, they give up ordering coffee drinks and soda out or only order a beverage poured from a can.

About my order at Starbucks today…

The cafe was quiet, with only one person in line ahead of me. At the register, I ordered a Tall Skinny Mocha with 2% milk. Then, I repeated my order.

“Tall  skinny mocha with 2%”

The register person answered, “Tall skinny mocha with 2 %.”

The barista pumped some syrup into the cup. I asked her to check that the syrup was sugar free.

She paused. Then she threw the cup in the trash and started over.

Like so, so many others, I watch my carb and sugar intake. At a time when 30 percent of Americans have high blood sugar, all food establishments need to train employees to pay close attention when a customer orders “diet” or “sugar free,” or “skinny.”




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