Meter Mad at You?

Some mornings start with a surprise – and not a good one.

When my One Touch meter shows a fasting glucose greater than “99,” that means my blood sugar is above normal. When that happens, I do one of the following:

  1. Feel sorry for myself. (Why, oh why, ME?)
  2. Feel frustrated at The Mystery Of It All because my blood sugar reading sometimes varies and I can’t figure out the trigger.
  3. Feel guilty (because I know exactly why that number is too high.)
  4. Shrug it off.

No matter how I react,   I feel better when I remind myself of Proverbs 24:16:

A righteous man falls seven times, and gets up eight…” 

What this passage tells me is that it’s normal – and OK – to miss the target. And miss it again and again; the main thing is to try again.

And again after that.


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